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Transfer film for vinyl
Item: Transfer film Product Name: Transfer film
Descriptions: Feature:
The cut letters/graphics can be easily transferred to the surface of the applied material,and easy to take it out,leaving no trace of glue.

Thickness: 0.08mm
Adhesive: solvent based acrylic 25&mu,
Strong adhesive, normal adhesive, slightly adhesive.
any viscosity according to the customre's requirement.
Liner: 60g+20g

1)60 cm (width) * 8 Meters (length) per roll.
2)60 cm (width) * 100 Meters (length) per roll.
3)45 cm (width) * 15 Meters (length) per roll.
4)45 cm (width) * 100 Meters (length) per roll.
5)106 cm (width) * 50 Meters (length) per roll.
6)90 cm (width) * 200 Meters (length) per roll.

Transfer operation guide:

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