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vinyl sticker film
Item: Vinyl Sticker Product Name: Vinyl Sticker
Descriptions: This kind of vinyl Can use to computer graphic, lettering, cutting, plotter.
Stick to acrylic plate, soft signboard cloth, glass, painted metal plate, and other board.

White, yellow, green, blush, purple, teal, navy, orange, rococo, red lollipop, petal pink, green, deep green, marine blue, cream, gray, brown, black, almost about 120 kind of color.

1)45cm(width) * 15meters (length) per Roll
2)60cm(width) * 10meters (length) per Roll
3)106cm(width) * 30meters (length) per Roll
4)106cm(width) * 40meters (length) per Roll
5)106cm(width) * 45.7meters (length) per Roll
6)120cm(width) * 50meters (length) per Roll
7)122cm(width) * 45.7meters (length) per Roll

Vinyl sticker roll in stock.

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