Lemon Star Products Information

Item: LABEL Materials Product Name: Paper 2

Digital pro labels: Printing materials.

Paper 1, Paper 8, suit for laser /inkjet printing, tearable paper, we suggest laminating for long life use.
Paper 2 ~ 7:, only can printing with laser printer, non-tearable, waterproof, can working without laminating.
Paper 9: inkjet printing only, translucent, surface waterproof, suggest laminating surface for protect.
Paper 10: inkjet printing only, white surface pvc, air bubber free tech, remove without glue remains, non-tearable, need laminating. wide use for iphone, macbook, PSP surface protect.
Paper 11: inkjet printing only, transparent pvc, remove without glue remains, non-tearable, need lminating.

AK-720E high precise contour cutting label paper 2

AK series label printing paper

The following is sample labels.

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