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T-shirt heat transfer vinyl film
Item: Heat transfer vinyl Product Name: PVC film

Heat transfer vinyl is used similar as normal vinyl. It does not print. You need to cut it and then heat transfer on textile.

1. Bascially 6 colors available: Orange, Black, Green, White, Blue, Red.
2. Resistant to water and is washable. It can be kept for long term.
3. Applicable to all kinds of textile, such as 100% cotton, Polyester, Wool, mixed fiber, Canvas, non-woven fabrics, etc.
4. Highly elastic material.

0.5M (width) * 20 meters (length) per roll.

Operations Guide:
first cut in cutting plotter.
tear off the place that you do not need, leave the design.
put the design on the fabric and heat press in 150-165 degress, 10~15 seconds.
peel off the clear film, then it is ok.

T-shirt heat transfer samples in following.

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