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Item: Pro version Product Name: SUPER banner welder

SUPER banner welder, upgrade to Pro version, specially design for EU & USA markets, use origin LEISTER hot air blower, the best replacement to LEISTER products.

Overlap welding of advertising hoardings, coated fabric covers, coating of tents, swimming pool, tarpaulin, flex banner, PP, PE, PVC, plastic cloth, printing cloth, boat covers, sailcloth etc.
Advantage Feature:
Origin LEISTER hot air blower installed
Upgrade drive motor avoid shaken, welding perfect
Digital display, fast parameters adjust
Upgrade automatic start and stop system
Very high welding speed with smooth moving
Super smart automatic heater protection function
Super quiet performance and stability for a long time working
Professional design for EU & USA markets high quality seaming welding project
SUPER Banner Welder Pro version DEMO (for dealer)

SUPER Banner Welder pro version public DEMO

SUPER banner welder (Pro) Spec list as below:

  • Power: 1200W / 1600W / 3400W Avaliable
  • Voltage: AC110V~220V
  • Frequency: 50 /60 Hz
  • Welding width: 20 ~ 40mm
  • Temperature Max.: 600 degree
  • Air flow: 180 / 360 l/min
  • Gross weight: 20 KGS
  • Packing size: 460mm * 280mm * 330mm
  • Package: Hard plastic protection inside and carton outside.
Details 1: AC110~220V new driver system (2016 version).

Details 2: LEISTER hot air blower.(230V AC)

Details 3: Power switch.

Details 4: MFD sticker.

Details 5: Welding project samples.

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