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DP series solvent printer
Item: DP Solvent Printer(xaar128-360) Product Name: DP series solvent printer

Standard Features: 

  1. Real 720dpi, the picture of light inside is equally gorgeous.
  2. Adopt PCI interface.Printing fast and stable,data transfer by optical fiber, without communicate problem with computer.
  3. Use print-head auto sucking and cleaning devices can avoid the block at nozzle.
  4. Adopt servo-motor drive system ,Operation is more accurate.
  5. Adopt the latest medium-feeding system: auto medium-feeding system and take-up system bring a lot convience. not only can avoid material fold, But also improve working efficiency and protect print head effectively.
  6. Adopt High –precision form feeding controlling system equipped with infrared inductor ensuring high-quality picture.
  7. Adopt the conductor orbit with low noise , guarantee the balanced runing of the machine.
  8. Use the paper pressing board:avoid the feedings take off corner and protect print head effectively.
  9. The brand-new structure of Machinery and the whole lines of machine is perfect and smooth.
We upload new DP printer demo 2012, this is our agency in Chile take video by iPhone 4S and share with us, thanks for our amigo friend Mr. Rolando.

DP printer demo filmed via samsung S3

DP large format printer printing in chile demo 2012

DP printer printing banner and vinyl demo 2012

DP 3208 solvent printer (XAAR 128/360 printhead)

DP 3208 solvent printer large format printing demo

Photo details about DP series solvent printer.

max 16pcs xaar 128/360 printhead

stong body left side show

stong body right side show

high quality printing sample show

DP large format printer delivery to seaport.
DP solvent printer in stock

Spec list as below.
Spec list

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