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AK T-shirt heat press machine
Item: AK T-shirt heat press Product Name: AK T-shirt heat press machine

We offer brand new AK T-shirt heat press machine, good quality with reasonabl price.
Safe,durable and economical
Pressure adjustable
Adjustable thermostat
Heat indicating light
Electronic time & temperature control
Thermomenter for heat platen temperature.
No color difference after heat transfer
Voltage: 220v or 110v is available
Watt: 2200w
Temperature Range: 0-399 Centi Degree
Printing Area: 38cm*38cm, 40cm*50cm, 40cm*60cm,
Packing Size: 72cm*44cm*39cm,  80cm*61cm*46cm, 80cm*71cm*46cm
Weight: 30kg, 35kg, 40kg.

AK PRESS flatbed heat transfer demo 2016

AK PRESS flatbed heat press machine was used for transfer image on T-shirt, below is samples.
Flat heat press transfer sample on T-shirt.

BUT, it not only can transfer on t-shirt, 
what it can been used is no limit more than our imagine.
Below is the samples for a wider range of applications with flat heat transfer.

Flat heat press transfer sample on Textile Bag. 

Flat heat press transfer sample on Nonwoven tote bag. 

Flat heat press transfer sample on Tile. 
tile sample
Flat heat press transfer sample on Metal name card. 
tile sample
More applications waiting for the person samrt like you to develop it.
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