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Cutting Plotter for 3M reflective film cutting
Item: USB Cutting Plotter - S Series Product Name: Contour cutting servo

OEM Business: when your purchase more than 10pcs in one order, we can supply this plotter with OEM brand as you like.

This is the cutting plotter custom-designed for precious cutting small lettering and contour image label cutting..  

1)The world's latest ARMS processors, form the structure, manufacturing process, the installation has reached the international standard norms
2)High-speed performance of the output can reach 16 breakdown, broken down than the original 8 double
This machine adopts DC SERVO motor and servo board control, linear negative control cars, machinery, carrying a knife
3)High accuracy, low noise, blade pressure, and stability to work long hours, and can be easily carved through thick 3M reflective sheeting.
4)The machine used in Japan, "Fuji" brand steel barbed main roller, take the paper and high precision, is particular design for working without computer connected.

Advantage: Save plotting jobs to U disk, plotter will ready files from U disk, so your computer will no need always online, release you computer free.

AK-1350S high precision cutting 5mm draw

AK-1350S contour cutting Nancy Ajram

AK-1350S contour cutting from usb flash


Details for AK S series cutting plotter.

High Precision for AK S series servo cutting plotter.

Normal vinyl sticker cutter sample.

Printing then cutting sample.

Spec list in below.

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