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Item: CUTTING PLOTTTER Product Name: Automatic contour cutting plotter

OEM Business: when your purchase more than 10pcs in one order, we can supply this plotter with OEM brand as you like.

AK A series plotter is latest professional contour cutting machine, it support Super Long Professional Contour Cutting, can cut printed vinyl sticker or photo paper or plastic slice according to the pattern designed in computer, it has automatic laser tracking align positioning device. It can accomplish cutting the outline sketch of the printed graphs.
It can cut digital printed vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, printed photo paper, none dried glue labels, card papers, laminated papers. It is used to make heat transfer cutting, paper models, joined graphs, stereo congratulation cards, name cards, cartoon stamps, etc.
Advantage: Save plotting jobs to U disk, plotter will ready files from U disk, so your computer will no need always online, release you computer free.

AK-1350A cut 1x8 meters printed vinyl

AK-1350A cutting plotter contour cutting

Normal vinyl sticker cutter sample.

Printing and cutting sample.

Spec list in below.

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